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UKIP’s Lord fulminates against madness of CAP rules, but takes over a million Euros in subsidies

          The Perfect Storm David Verney, 21st Baron Willoughby De Broke, who is UKIP leader in the House of Lords, arranged for a short debate on Agriculture to take place yesterday afternoon in the House of … Continue reading

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The New Common Agricultural Policy Rules: Can you claim farm benefits for your golf course?

  And so it begins again. The Rule Book for the new Common Agricultural Policy has been published – it’s here. There are some welcome omissions – the much derided 50 Trees rule has been consigned to history. The requirement … Continue reading

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Badgers, Beaver and Boar: not welcome here?

          A couple of weeks ago there were widespread celebrations when Natural England decided that the Beaver family that has been residing on the River Otter, for several years, can stay, at least for another five … Continue reading

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We need to talk about Defra

      Defra – Deathra, the Death-Ray, Deafra, Defer, Defray – just some of the parodic alternative names given to our Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs. Formed in 2001 under a Labour government, when Margaret Beckett was … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th unlucky for Medway Council: Lodge Hill planning permission called in

It is great news that today the Department for Communities and Local Government have decided to call in Medway Council’s planning permission for Land Securities to build a new town on the Ministry of Defence site at Lodge Hill, on … Continue reading

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Rampisham Factcheck #5: The photographs of Rampisham Down

Some people are trying to make out that Rampisham Down SSSI is a poor quality, low value piece of wildlife grassland, or, as Professor Ghillean Prance, former Director of Key Gardens said a “very degraded and often impacted habitat”. They … Continue reading

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Rampisham Down and Lodge Hill demonstrate that Natural England must Notify every site which qualifies as SSSI

      Offham Down SSSI ploughed to grow Flax 1997 (   When the Wildlife and Countryside Act was introduced in 1981 in order for the UK to comply with the European Union’s Birds Directive, nationally and internationally important … Continue reading

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Dorset CPRE’s letter to Secretary of State Pickles asking for Rampisham permission to be called in

Dorset CPRE have just published their letter asking for the Rampisham Down Solar Factory planning permission to be called in for determination by the Secretary of State. I am republishing it here. They make an extremely interesting point. There have … Continue reading

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Rampisham Down Factcheck #4: A Fairy Tale.

Here’s a quick fairy tale for Monday Morning. Once Upon a Time, Nature was in trouble in the Kingdom, and the King sent for the wise men to tell him what needed to be done to save Nature.  The wise … Continue reading

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Rampisham Downs Factcheck #3: Professor Ghillean Prance’s speech in favour of buiding a Solar Factory on a SSSI

British Solar Renewables have just published Professor Ghillean Prance’s speech for them to the West Dorset District Council Planning Committee, when they met to decide whether to approve the development of a Solar Factory on Rampisham Down SSSI. I reproduce … Continue reading

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