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Barberries and Badgers

Amid all the hysteria and anger around the Badger Cull, which has now commenced, I might be accused of jumping on the bandwagon. Well OK, maybe, though I have done work in the past on the badger issue, researching and … Continue reading

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A Tribute to Simon King from Bob Hornegold

                                                           My friend, Simon King It must have been about twelve years ago that I first met Simon, I was an Area Bailiff for RMC Angling and I had been asked by Ian Welch (the then Boss) to check a … Continue reading

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Simon King 1961 – 2013

Simon with a 32lb Mirror Carp he caught in Hertfordshire. My older brother Simon King died yesterday. Simon was 52 and had been suffering from lung cancer. In the end it took him very quickly and he was in no … Continue reading

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What are we paying for?

So it seems that having successfully killed off the valiant attempts to get the Common Agricultural Policy reformed so it provides Public Goods for Public Money, The National Farmers Union is now campaigning to to ensure that the UK government … Continue reading

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Write to Chloe Smith

I got an email from 38 Degrees – I think I must have joined in with one of their e-campaigns – possibly the Forestry one. The email was about the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill. … Continue reading

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Bloggers Block

  Dear Reader, you might have been wondering why there have been no new blogs since the 5th August. I have been on an unscheduled blog break – I may have Bloggers Block. Work has intervened, in a good way … Continue reading

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The Elephant in the Room

my first cartoon ever! and possibly my last. I haven’t posted much this week as work and personal life have intervened. But I have been doing a lot of thinking. I’m still struggling with the idea of Self-willed Land.  I … Continue reading

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