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Re-wilding: how do we recreate feral soils?

Having successfully helped my mum pack her house into an articulated lorry, and bring her down here to Dorset yesterday, I have to admit to being a bit knackered. However I’m looking forward to buying a copy of George Monbiot’s … Continue reading

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Back again – briefly

After a fantastic trip to the Burren in the west of Ireland last week, and a quiet bank holiday weekend, I am now heading off again to help my mum move from London to Dorset. It’ll be a huge upheaval … Continue reading

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HS2 or free wifi on every train – which would be better for the economy?

As some of you might have noticed yesterday I have moved over to using wordpress on ipad as I’m on the move at the moment. So I failed to publish my post yesterday until 5pm and I cannot guarantee that … Continue reading

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More Bad Bees

Following yesterday’s post on thieving Bumble-bees, it has been brought to my attention that Bumble-bees’ degenerate behaviour does not stop at nectar larceny – the bee-equivalent of shoplifting a four pack of lager from the local corner shop. It gets … Continue reading

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When Bumble Bees go bad

I was shocked to read in the Economist that some of our cherished bumble bees are actually criminals.  Short-tongued bumblebees break into some types of flowers and steal their nectar without having to earn their living by transporting pollen between … Continue reading

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Biodiversity Offsetting: replacing the irreplaceable

Look at this classic Dorset landscape. In a gap in the Purbeck Ridge, sits the majestic remains of Corfe castle. In the foreground is the shallow valley of the Corfe river,  wending its way to Poole harbour. What look like … Continue reading

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SATS week

It’s SATS week for our eldest daughter. She’s been working hard, doing past papers, mock exams and revision. She’s 11. It’s put quite a bit of stress on her and on the rest of us. For what? So the school … Continue reading

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A new Beginning

I’ve left Buglife now and am looking for new challenges in the conservation world. I’m also returning to the blogosphere after a stint away. I’ll be blogging regularly and tweeting probably even more often. I’ve even gone onto Facebook, but … Continue reading

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