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Ecomodernist unease as Paterson uses their platform to attack Green Blob

Necessity is the mother of strange bedfellows, according to an old adage. And it is presumably this maxim which led the Ecomodernists to jump into bed with arch-neoliberals Owen Paterson and Matt Ridley last week. They may well be rueing … Continue reading

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Countryside Alliance get into their stride attacking Kerry McCarthy for her vegan ethics

The power and influence of the Countryside Alliance extends far and wide through society, even as far as new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has been forced to publicly announce that Labour has no plans to introduce a campaign (along … Continue reading

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Ecomodernism takes us back to an old future

The risk all utopians run is that entryists will use their idealism for their own ends. This would appear to be happening this week, as arch neoliberal brothers Owen Paterson and Viscount Matt Ridley, and others, seek to appropriate Ecomodernism … Continue reading

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Farmers and Bloodsports supporters are frightened by Kerry McCarthy’s ethics

Farmers and Bloodsports campaigners reacted with repressed fury, confusion and shock to the announcement that Kerry McCarthy  – A VEGAN – had been selected as Labour’s shadow secretary of state for the environment, farming and rural affairs. The farming press … Continue reading

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New Shadow DEFRA Team announced: emphasis on the urban and post-industrial

  It’s taken a while but Jerry Corbyn has finally chosen his shadow ministers. Working for Shadow Secretary of State for Defra Kerry McCarthy MP (who has set out her initial views on the post here) will be: Alex Cunningham, … Continue reading

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More on The Countryside Alliance Foundation accounts

Following my earlier blog about the Countryside Alliance and the relationship with its charitable foundation, I have had the following comment from a Chartered Accountant on the latest published accounts of the Countryside Alliance Foundation: “The charity should be following … Continue reading

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The Countryside Alliance, its Charitable Foundation and the Tory party.

  The Countryside Alliance, who you will remember launched a scathing (unjustified) attack on the RSPB earlier this year, and more recently against Chris Packham, is not a charity, though reports suggested it was planning to register as one last … Continue reading

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Who are the real radicals?

  There is undoubtedly a shockwave running through British (or should that be English?) politics. Jeremy Corbyn: long time Labour rebel, someone no-one in “conventional” politics took seriously, ridiculed in the media for decades, is now the leader of the … Continue reading

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Questions in Parliament: On Badgers, Dairy farms, Hedgehogs and Fewer Farm Inspections

  The first session of Oral Questions to Defra ministers took place on Thursday. You can read through the whole lot here on the excellent “they work for you” website. Reading through the questions and answers, three things jumped out … Continue reading

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Turning point for Lodge Hill? Land Securities walks away, bird conservationist leads Medway Council

Quiz of the week: what connects The collapse of the Northern Ireland Assembly, John Keats and The Large Gold Case-bearer? The answer lies in these pictures.                 Yes, it’s Lodge Hill on the … Continue reading

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