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Party Time.

It’s party conference time. Needless to say the environment has not featured prominently among the headlines. But here’s Mary Creagh’s speech. It’s a bit heavy on the affordable food message, but at least a Labour Government would drop the Badger … Continue reading

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Nature Encounter: Red Squirrel.

By Paul Whippey (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons It was a week after my brother died, we were in the Isle of Wight, where I was surveying strandline vegetation. I had gained access to a private wood, part … Continue reading

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correct link for Memories of Simon King facebook page

I had a feeling I hadn’t got the right link for the facebook page I have set up for my late brother Simon. This is the correct link – thanks to Ella Bellew for posting the correct link. The funeral’s … Continue reading

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New Facebook page for memories of Simon King

With the funeral rapidly approaching on Thursday, I have now created a facebook page for everyone to post their memories of my brother Simon. The link, as far as I can tell (being a FB newbie) is here . Thanks … Continue reading

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Return to “Any Room for Scrub?”

While I may be painted by some as a reactionary fighting against the forces of progress (in the form of the re-wilding movement), I have been thinking about this stuff for quite a long time. Reading George Monbiot’s rant about … Continue reading

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Feral by George Monbiot – a review

The Feral Shore I have promised myself, and some of you, that I would write a review of Feral by George Monbiot. I enjoyed the book, at least in parts. Although I will try and refrain from Ad hominem criticism … Continue reading

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