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Brexit: The Establishment is under attack – from an unlikely quarter.

A local MP here in Dorset has welcomed the victory for Brexit in the local paper. “Voters don’t want to be run or ruled by a growing undemocratic bureaucracy.” “They wanted to take control back.” “It’s simple – we wanted … Continue reading

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Brexit or Nexit – what next?

Things are happening so fast, it’s almost impossible to keep up and continue with normal life. Still, we are all off to see The Secret Life of Pets this afternoon so that should be a welcome distraction. After yesterday’s outpouring … Continue reading

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The EU Referendum: Turkeys have voted for Christmas

SARA has come to stay. That’s Shock, Anger, Rejection, Acceptance.  – it’s a model to explain the process of grief. Yesterday we experienced the shock that the country had voted to leave the EU. I say country – actually 72% … Continue reading

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Some initial thoughts on a post-CAP farm subsidy system

Well that was a bit of a shock. In the absence of exit polls I was looking at what the betting markets were doing – all the money seemed to be piling in on shortening odds for Remain. The Bookies … Continue reading

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Guest Blog by Ian Hepburn: Nature and the environment: what happens if we vote ourselves out of the EU?

If the UK votes tomorrow to leave the European Union, giving a clear run for the ‘Vote Leave’ politicians, elite supporters and advisors to flex their muscles in the corridors of power, how will that affect our wildlife in the … Continue reading

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A vote for Brexit is an attack on public spending and the public sector

Once again today we hear pro-Brexit ministers claim that all the things that are funded via the EU will continue to be supported, from the Treasury. So, according to Farm minister Eustice, things like farm subsidies will stay the same … Continue reading

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Guest blog from Sandra Bell at Friends of the Earth: Govt considering scrapping ban on Neonicotinoids

I’m reblogging this post from Sandra Bell at Friends of the Earth. The NFU are trying to overturn the ban on neonicotinoids, and the regulatory group is considering their proposal today. 7 reasons why the Government must not allow bee-harming … Continue reading

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Wood Meadows, Flood Meadows and McMeadows

Last week was a meadows week for me, visiting Hagge Woods, followed by the annual Floodplain Meadows Partnership steering group meeting, in Northamptonshire. Wood Meadows Hagge Woods was a 25 acre barley field in 2012. It’s been converted into a … Continue reading

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Parliament calls for ban on double subsidy for biogas #Maize.

  Maize is in the news again, especially Maize specifically grown to power Anaerobic Digesters to produce biogas. In response to at least two years of calls for reform to the biogas subsidy regime,  last week the Government finally launched … Continue reading

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