Update and Request

I very rarely cross post between this blog and the People Need Nature website, for obvious reasons. I don’t want to tangle up my personal views about things, with what can and cannot be said on behalf of a charity.

As this blog gets a wider audience than the People Need Nature one, I thought it would be good to put this update on here as well. For some unknown reason wordpress isn;’t allowing me to copy/paste the text from the PNN blog so I have saved it as an image.

Alternatively you can read it on the PNN website here


About Miles King

UK conservation professional, writing about nature, politics, life. All views are my own and not my employers. I don't write on behalf of anybody else.
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5 Responses to Update and Request

  1. Thanks Miles – lovely image. I hope we find someone for the PNN website – it is such a great organisation – I am proud to be part of it.

  2. I have missed your emails Miles and I am very sorry to hear you are having such terrible health problems. I will have a look at PNN.

  3. I have missed your emails Miles and am terribly sorry to learn of your health issues. I do hope a cure will be found for you.

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