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We need to talk about Defra

      Defra – Deathra, the Death-Ray, Deafra, Defer, Defray – just some of the parodic alternative names given to our Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs. Formed in 2001 under a Labour government, when Margaret Beckett was … Continue reading

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Lib Dems continue to haemhorrhage voters to left and right

More on that Lib Dem – UKIP connection. The most recent YouGov poll shows the libdems on 8%, with UKIP on 18% and the Greens on 7%. It’s worth noting that of those who voted LD in 2010, only 32% … Continue reading

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Tory Constituency Candidates: of the people, by the people, for the people?

Here’s an interesting little insight into the inner workings of the Tory party, thanks to Conservative Home website. Hertsmere constituency is one of the safest Tory seats in the Country. They need to choose a new Tory Candidate as James … Continue reading

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