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Rearranging the deck chairs on the Natural England Titanic.

Natural England chairs come and go, and today’s publication of the advert inviting applicants to be the next chair, gives me an opportunity to look, once again, at the absolute state of Natural England. Some may feel all I do … Continue reading

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The snowstorm of emails asking your permission to stay on mailing lists has finally abated. If you, like me, have also noticed that some of the websites you previously visited are no longer there, that’s also because of GDPR – … Continue reading

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Shared from Ruth Davis’ blog nature and the common good : Five things I’ve learnt during the referendum campaign.

I enjoyed reading this piece from Ruth Davis, formerly of Plantlife, RSPB and Greenpeace, now at E3G. Ruth writes at Nature and the Common Good.  I thought I would share it with you: 1) Project fear is really Project Common … Continue reading

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Iain Duncan Smith “may have done ok from the EU”

Iain Duncan Smith has come out fighting today, insulting the Germans, deriding the Prime Minister as a push-over, but most importantly appealing to the British people’s better nature, arguing that the EU is “a force for social injustice”. He apparently … Continue reading

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Farm leaders make case to stay in EU, to protect exports and their influence in Brussels

Farm business leaders are clearly rattled. They can see that the campaign to take the UK out of the EU is not going away, even if the “leave” camp is currently channelling the amphitheatre scene in Life of Brian, with … Continue reading

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Reasons to stay in the EU: “It’s not the economy, stupid”.

The people imploring us to leave the EU complain that we pay so much into the EU budget, but get so little back. It is true that last year the UK was the 3rd largest contributor to the EU budget, … Continue reading

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My tuppence worth on the EU Referendum – and a poll

The big news for the Environment in 2016 is that, as a result of the divisions within the political right in England, we are being forced to vote on whether we want to stay in the European Union in a … Continue reading

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UKIP reiterates its opposition to nature protection.

Some have recently  suggested that UKIP has a coherent environmental policy. Well, a few UKIP supporters have, anyway. I’ve written previously about the bizarre views of UKIP’s environment spokesperson Andrew Charalambous aka Dr Earth. And then there’s UKIP’s MEP and … Continue reading

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Refugee Crisis exposes the poverty of compassion in our politics and media

            I am the son of an immigrant. My mum arrived here from Australia in 1954 to work but also to explore her roots and travel around Britain and Europe – she had not planned … Continue reading

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