Iain Duncan Smith “may have done ok from the EU”


Iain Duncan Smith has come out fighting today, insulting the Germans, deriding the Prime Minister as a push-over, but most importantly appealing to the British people’s better nature, arguing that the EU is “a force for social injustice”.

He apparently appealed to “those who may have done ok from the EU” to “think about people who haven’t”, targeting people who have benefited from cheap nannies, baristas and low paid East European labourers.

Perhaps IDS should follow his own advice, as someone who has benefited greatly from the EU.

Smith lives rent-free in a £2m (2013 prices) home on the capacious rural estate owned by his wife’s parents, Lord and Lady Cottesloe at Swanbourne, Buckinghamshire. Although relatively small for a country seat (only 1300 acres) The farm brings in £150,000 (in round figures) a year from farm subsidies.

Farm subsidies paid for by the – yes, you guessed it, European Union.

It’s easy for IDS to point the finger at people, because it helps divert attention away from the really big winners of EU largesse. Winners like himself.

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1 Response to Iain Duncan Smith “may have done ok from the EU”

  1. Nimby says:

    Sadly and maybe a sign of modern politics, but far too many (particularly the Westminster mob) are held in low esteem, or at least they are by people I talk to. Would we trust a word any of them offer? We let them fix their own expenses scandal and did they? We ask them for facts and what do we get ….

    Maybe a tad strong, but are the majority of the ‘elite’ 650, really worth their salaries? Would the country grind to a halt if the spin merchants and figure fiddlers were all sacked? Is Westminster fit for purpose and worth the monopoly money spent on it?

    As the countdown really begins I fear there is a serious risk that the politicians will turn off many of the voters who need robust science to base their decisions on NOT the spin, doom and gloom, business biased rhetoric offered.

    Keep on exposing their hypocrisy for what it is Miles, thank you.

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