The People’s Manifesto for Wildlife

It was back in June that I first heard about the idea of a manifesto for wildlife, to accompany a walk for wildlife in London. Chris Packham asked me if I wanted to be Minister for Farming (and I extended that to Food later) – how could I refuse? Especially after he reeled off a long list of people who I admire and declared his determination that the “cabinet” would be balanced for gender and include young and BAME representatives too.

Now the manifesto has been published – you can download it here A Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife expanded. There’s also a short version A Peoples Manifesto for Wildlife.

The Manifesto covers a wide variety of topics – all of which are directly relevant to nature in the UK (and overseas.) Each contribution finishes with a set of proposals that if carried out would make a big difference to the plight of nature. It would be arrogant of me to say how good my bit is but I can say that I think the other contributions are excellent. There are also some excellent commentary snippets from other people with a great passion for nature and who are experts in their own fields.

It also doesn’t completely feel like a coincidence that the Manifesto has appeared almost 25 years after Biodiversity Challenge, which sought to do a similar thing, albeit in a much more traditional way. It’s good to see some of the key contributors to BC – Mark Avery and Carol Day, also making big contributions to the manifesto.

Please read the Manifesto. It is controversial. It is, dare I say, radical? But that’s where we are. Nature is disappearing fast from this country (as it is across the planet.) We need to take urgent action. The same old same old is not enough.

So please come along to the walk for wildlife on Saturday.

Who knows where this will go afterwards? It very much depends on how much of a groundswell of feeling it generates.

Chris has also set up a crowdfunder to help fund its the costs of the walk, which are substantial. Please contribute whatever you can.


Podcaster Charlie Moores from Lush Times has produced this podcast with each author reading their own section of the manifesto.

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10 Responses to The People’s Manifesto for Wildlife

  1. David Dunlop says:

    “Northern Ireland
    I’m afraid I know nothing of the situation in Northern Ireland, nor anyone I could trust to provide an objective report.”

    I do, Miles. I don’t know that they’d have time though, what with their day jobs. 😉

    I guess this is one reason why there are 3 territorial secretaries of state.

  2. petejohnstone says:

    Miles, Well done for getting a slot in the manifesto. I have not yet read it from cover to cover, but three things spring to mind,
    1. There is a reason why most manifesto’s are in black and white – it makes them easier to read. I struggled reading this manifesto on my Ipad – lots of distracting coloured text on dark backgrounds.
    2. The section on dogs sounds a little severe – and having dog washing facilities! Who is going to pay for that? My council is ditching all it bottle banks and is moving out of managing countryside sites.
    3. I am hoping there is going to be a positive section on managing urban greenspace for wildlife and people but I have not found it yet.


  3. Deborah says:

    Not had time to read this but have started my ‘Meadows Matter’ costume for the day. Makes me feel sad that TGT went under….

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