Dams and Dredging Update

Coincidentally, following Monday’s blog I received an email from Natural England yesterday. They informed me that


“A member of our Land Management Team has investigation the situation and we appreciate your concerns about the work undertaken.

 The farmer was working in good faith with the Environment Agency. We have investigated it and will be offering the farmer advice and support to manage his ELS agreement to encourage better practice.”

I leave you to draw your own conclusions from this story.

Thanks to Jo Cartmell for pointing me towards this link about the Beaver (with video).

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2 Responses to Dams and Dredging Update

  1. Interesting reading this blog from last year, considering the current round of flooding :S

    • Miles King says:

      thanks. Yes I shall have to pop back in the spring to see what has happened to that particular bit of main river. The lower Frome has been under water for at least as long as the Levels, but no TV crews have appeared.

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