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Farm Minister Eustice speaks on Farmers for Britain platform.

Yesterday Farm minister George Eustice spoke again about what a UK farming policy might look like, post-Brexit – at the launch of Farmers for Britain. One has to assume that Eustice is right behind FFB, if he is willing to … Continue reading

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Is exporting death good for the economy?

  We are told, repeatedly, that one of the main reasons why the UK should stay in the European Union, is because we have access to the single market. And this argument is being used in particular for agriculture. But … Continue reading

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Cameron woos Welsh farmers: it’s all about the exports

  This from Today’s Farmers Weekly: EU exit could cost UK’s livestock farmers £330m, says PM Livestock farmers would be forced to pay an extra £330m a year to export their goods abroad in the event of an exit from … Continue reading

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Farm leaders make case to stay in EU, to protect exports and their influence in Brussels

Farm business leaders are clearly rattled. They can see that the campaign to take the UK out of the EU is not going away, even if the “leave” camp is currently channelling the amphitheatre scene in Life of Brian, with … Continue reading

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Last week’s EU Poll – the results

Thanks to everyone who took part in last week’s poll on whether to stay in or leave the EU. 208 people took part, out of 492 who read the post – so 42% of readers decided to vote.   Hopefully … Continue reading

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Reasons to stay in the EU: “It’s not the economy, stupid”.

The people imploring us to leave the EU complain that we pay so much into the EU budget, but get so little back. It is true that last year the UK was the 3rd largest contributor to the EU budget, … Continue reading

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