Storm Desmond, climate change, land use and what it means for Dartmoor

excellent blog Adrian – I have reblogged it

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My heart goes out to all the people and communities in Cumbria and southern Scotland who have been impacted by the dreadful flooding. In addition the National Trust is a major landowner in the Lake District (we own around 25%) and I personally know many of the Rangers and General Managers up there. I can only imagine how stressful everything must be and how disheartening it will be to see so many places and projects damaged by the flood waters.

Fell Foot floodsThe National Trust’s property at Fell Foot on Lake Windermere on Sunday – I was at a meeting in this building 18 months ago (photo from You can find out more here about the flooding in the Lake District and how it has affected the NT.

Much has been written already about Storm Desmond and no doubt a great deal more is to come. I have heard a number of…

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  1. Thank-you for re-blogging this Miles.

    Looking at Chris Uttley’s vimeo of work in Stroud is inspiring. The world is changing so rapidly now, good as well as bad, with more enlightened thinking and better ideas being put into practice on a small scale as yet in global terms. The recent Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) had Leontino Balbo from Brazil showing how he has transformed sugar cane cultivation. Maize growers in England could surely learn a lot from his approach:

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