Beavers – cute and cuddly?

Just in case anyone thought Beavers were cute and cuddly, this news piece from Canada should make you think again. Imagine the scenes in Ottery St Mary…..

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2 Responses to Beavers – cute and cuddly?

  1. John Kay says:

    In 2013 a man who was beaver bothering in Belarus was killed when it bit through his femoral artery. There are reports from USA of several people being attacked by beavers that were rabid. Best leave them to go about their business and watch from a safe distance.

  2. Jeff says:

    From Pete Cairns Facebook page ( 4th August:

    “Whilst photographing beavers last week I had a text from a friend enquiring whether I was “in the water” with them. I confirmed that I was indeed in a floating hide. He then texted me to say that an Estonian researcher he knew had done the same only to have…how shall I put this…his ballbag shredded open by an over zealous beaver. I instinctively reached down and checked the thickness of my neoprene waders and concluded that the cold water would in any case, make the target pretty tricky even for a beaver with carnivorous tendencies.”

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