A Daily Dose of Nature: A New Paradigm for Wellbeing

Here’s an excellent post from another Miles, Dr Miles Richardson, ecopsychologist at the Unversity of Derby, on the links between nature, health and wellbeing.

Finding Nature

Last week I was at ‘Towards a Daily Dose of Nature’, part of the Nature & Wellbeing Summit in Bristol. One of the ideas presented on the day was comparing nature to a drug. This inspired me to produce a drug packet design for Nature, a useful exercise as it forced me to sum up the evidence of the health benefits. Looking at the benefits for health, and the numerous ‘side effects’ for wellbeing, I think it’d fly off the shelves. Of course, nature is out there, and it’s free – so why isn’t it part of our everyday healthcare?

Nature Drug Packet Copyright Miles Richardson 2015

Existing models of healthcare essentially view people as separate from the environment and affected by events. The biomedical model is basically about deviation from normal, and treating those deviations, often with drugs. However, the NHS is now spending £100 billion on cures and a very…

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