Lodge Hill: Statement to the House of Commons

Mark Reckless MP for Rochester and Strood has made this statement in the House of Commons, calling on the Housing minister Brandon Lewis to call in the Medway decision to grant planning permission for the Lodge Hill new town. It’s just a pity that he only mentions the Nightingales, and not the grasslands….

Mark Reckless | UKIP

Mark Reckless (Rochester and Strood) (UKIP): It is a privilege to follow the hon. Member for Congleton (Fiona Bruce), who I am sure speaks for the whole House in her moving and compelling contribution.

The hon. Member for Harrow West (Mr Thomas) spoke about Transport for London, and the ridiculous plans of the Mayor of London and Transport for London which no one could do anything about. He gave two examples, one of which was a Thames estuary airport. I am pleased to say that we could do something about that, following a fantastic campaign, which the Airports Commission said generated more representations than any other. I was privileged to lead that campaign with people from the Hoo peninsula and elsewhere in my constituency, but also with people from across the country and beyond, so that on 2 September this year, the Thames estuary airport pie-in-the-sky proposal promoted by the…

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  1. It is a pity that it only seems to be UKIP here and of course the RSPB who must have some labour and conservative members.

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