Where does Owen Paterson go from here?

Owen Paterson reveals that he sees himself as St George fighting the environmental lobby dragon, or Green Blob as he has called it. He feels that his sacking is a “kick in the teeth” for several hundred hugely wealthy landowners and the NFU.

Paterson will no doubt continue his personal crusade against science-led policy on climate change, Bovine TB and other things. But from where?

Will he retreat to the backbenches and adopt a Churchillian position of leading the re-armers against the green-appeasers and apologists he sees in the Cabinet, woefully ignoring “The Gathering Storm” of green fascism emanating from Brussels?

Will he become the new chief Exec of the Global Warming Policy Foundation’s military arm, now that the Charity Commission has decided GWPF has been naughty doing political lobbying while masquerading as a charity and has to be split asunder.

Will he be knighted for services against the Environment as a Treasury Operative in deep cover by his handler, the mysterious master operator behind the scenes (code name Gideon).

Or will he resign from the Tory Party and stand for UKIP in the General Election?

Whatever, his mates in the anti-environmental lobby, or the Neoconoids as I have branded them today will no doubt rally around to support their wounded hero. Expect a particularly stinky outpouring of anti-green effluent from the likes of Christopher Booker, James Delingpole, Richard North, Nigel Lawson, Lord Monckton and of course Paterson’s own brorther in Law Viscount Matt Ridley et al, in the pages of the Telegraph and Spectator.

Neoconoid n. A virulent neoconservative agent known to be acutely toxic to all forms of wildlife, nature, the environment and those who care about it. Symptoms include green blobs appearing under Tory MPs skin. It can also produce an intense itching pain in the rectum.



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6 Responses to Where does Owen Paterson go from here?

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  2. Neoconoid: Thanks for making me laugh out loud!
    I read something really good about what OP can teach us about climate change. If feels like a really important moment not to defend “ourselves” against him by digging in OUR heels: http://climatedenial.org/2014/07/21/creative-writing-101-or-room-101-paterson-teaches-conservative-climate-comms-strategies/

  3. I agree. We just need to consider new strategies in light of the ascendency of climate denial in the UK, but I expressed that badly.

  4. David Dunlop says:

    I fear we’ll still be cleaning up after the Great Grey Blot for some time yet; but the bigger the Little Green Blob gets, the quicker it’ll be done.

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