Re-Naturing or Re-wilding

It was a great debate yesterday evening at the Linnean Society. The only thing that would have made it better is if we had carried on for another two hours. I think pretty everyone in the audience had a question to ask, and only about five were asked.

George was a bit under the weather with a bug he had picked up from his toddler, but he spoke eloquently and passionately. Aidan and Clive had brought powerpoint presentations, which, with only five minutes to present their case, limited their impact. I look forward to seeing the slides again when they are up on the Linn Soc website. I read out my prepared speech as it was the only way I could be sure to get the necessary points across in the time.

There were some excellent questions and we really tried to find some ground over which we could debate, but in truth there was a lot of common ground between us.

I have written a piece about re-naturing (I prefer that to re-wilding) on Martin Harper’s blog today. I’ll reblog it on here when I get home at lunchtime.

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