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Tomorrow I am heading up to London for a debate about nature conservation at the Linnean Society, with George Monbiot, Aidan Lonergan and Clive Hamble.

I have written something which will go on Mark Avery’s blog tomorrow morning – this is my personal view on where we have come from and what that means for conservation.

And I will have written something else for Martin Harper’s blog, looking to the future, which will go out on thursday morning. I will probably reblog these here later in the week.

The debate I believe is being video’d and the Linnean Society will post the video on their website.

About Miles King

UK conservation professional, writing about nature, politics, life. All views are my own and not my employers. I don't write on behalf of anybody else.
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2 Responses to Blogs here there and elsewhere

  1. David Dunlop says:

    And may the best person win! That’ll be Nature, hopefully. 🙂

  2. Emma Rigge says:

    Keep on posting and spread the beauty of nature, be back soon! check out my event i’m trying to raise money for 🙂

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