Party Time 2: Owen Paterson’s Speech at the Tory Party Conference

I don’t have time to write an analysis of Owen Paterson’s speech at the Conservative Party Conference, but you can read it here.

I’ll try and take a look at it this evening.

At a fringe meeting Paterson also appeared to be standing fast against the NFU campaign to reduce the rate at which Pillar 1 funding is shifted to Pillar 2 to support Agri-Environment Schemes, amongst other things.

There’s a classic quote from NFU’s Deputy president Meurig Raymondin Farmers Guardian

“no farmer likes to see their money transferred from Pillar 1 to Pillar 2’ of the CAP. He said farmers were in the best position to decide how to spend their money.”

And there I was thinking it was our ie the taxpayers money!  Silly me.

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